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Criminal Defense 

For most people, facing a state or federal criminal offense is one of the worst problems they will face in their lives. The confusion over the process, the fear of losing your freedom and the concern about what it will cost in terms of reputation and money can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we’re here to help.


Luis is dedicated to protecting his client's rights and preserving the fair administration of law guaranteed to every person under the U.S. Constitution. He is licensed to practice before all California State courts and Federal courts in the Southern District of California.

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Serving People Charged With Criminal Offenses In Southern California


Every individual accused of a criminal offense has a Constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer at every stage of the proceedings. At the Law Office of Luis Macias, we believe in fighting for the rights of our clients and ensuring the fair administration of law and due process. We offer the highest standard of criminal defense in the representation of clients throughout San Diego County. We successfully handle all types of federal and state criminal matters, ranging from DUI’s and misdemeanors, to serious felony offenses.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, or if you are currently being investigated for a criminal offense in Southern California, you need immediate representation by a qualified criminal defense attorney. Call the Law Office of Luis Macias, Jr., APC as soon as possible. 

Who We Are — And Why We Make A Difference


Our office has successfully defended individuals in criminal matters ranging from elder abuse/neglect and insurance fraud, to serious and violent felonies such as sexual assault and drug trafficking. Luis is an experienced litigation defense attorney who brings extensive trial and court skills to every case. Luis and his team will work passionately toward reaching a favorable outcome.

If the police have questioned you as part of a criminal investigation or if you have already been arrested and charged, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyers. From offices in Chula Vista, our lawyers represent clients in San Diego County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Imperial County, and San Bernardino County in Southern California. Luis Macias, Jr. can be reached at 619-245-4106.  

We Focus On Helping You Avoid Serious Charges

  • Three-strikes cases: Certain felony crimes count as a "strike" under California's harsh three-strikes law. Not all felonies count as a three-strikes felony. Typically, a strike felony is violent or sexual in nature. A person convicted of a third strike within a 10-year period may face a mandatory 25 years to life prison sentence. Whether you are facing your first felony offense or have been convicted in the past, it is imperative that you keep a strike off your record. We work hard to reduce charges to nonstrike misdemeanor or felony charges, whenever circumstances allow. 

  • Federal offenses: Many criminal defense lawyers will say they accept federal cases. The truth is, the federal criminal justice system is significantly different and more complex. Federal charges require an in-depth understanding of the grand jury indictment process, federal rules of evidence, and legal motions and sentencing guidelines. We have extensive experience in the U.S. District Court — Southern District of California. We can also handle federal criminal defense cases in other U.S. district courts throughout the state.

Our attorneys commit themselves to each client, searching for ways to minimize punishments or get acquittals. We represent clients in the following cases:

Assault and violent crimes: Including murder/manslaughter, assault and battery, armed robbery, guns charges, domestic violence, child abuse

Drug charges: Including possession and distribution, trafficking, federal offenses and related conspiracy charges

DUI: Including all related criminal law matters, such as license revocation and suspension, traffic violations and charges stemming from DUI accidents

Fraud and white collar crimes: Including insurance fraud, bank and loan fraud, federal mail and wire fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, welfare fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, violations of the federal Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act

Internet crimes: Including child pornography, website fraud, identity theft, unlicensed pharmacy

Sex offenses: Including aggravated sexual assault, misdemeanor sex offenses, prostitution and solicitation, sexual assault of a minor

Theft and property crimes: Including credit card theft, check forgery, burglary, breaking and entering, robbery, auto theft, possession of stolen property

Will You Go To Jail?

There are often alternatives to a jail sentence. Our attorneys have earned a reputation for integrity among prosecutors and judges throughout Southern California. We will work diligently to seek an alternative that avoids or limits the harm that can result from being charged with a crime. Some possible options may be a rehabilitation program, probation, or a work furlough.

Experienced Chula Vista Criminal Attorneys

Contact the Law Office of Luis Macias, Jr. APC for a free, no-obligation confidential consultation. If you or a loved one has been charged or is under investigation for a state or federal offense, call us right away. Call Luis Macias, Jr. at 619-245-4106.

Attorneys at Law

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